Get unique data on the average checks of any of your competitors

We analyze user transactions by cards and build sales analytics

We have the data for the right decision!

We collect and process user transactions by cards and on the basis of these data we build analytics on the economy of the company you are interested in.

  • Competitors average checks
  • Dynamics of sales of competitors
  • Popular competitor sales points
  • Popular categories
  • Evaluation of monthly sales
  • Previous and subsequent customer purchases
  • and many many others

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Just the right numbers for your business.

We use several sources to collect information. and extrapolate the values to the desired metrics. We use deep analytics and the latest technology so you can build your business based on market knowledge.

The average check in the institution

We analyze user spending by cards.

Comparison of companies

Select several companies and compare their general metrics to each other.

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46 $/in 1 month


Average checks in companies
Percentage change in sales
Top companies in the desired category
929 $/in 3 month


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Average checks in companies
Dynamics of change of the average check
Popular categories of products and services

1673 $/in 3 month


All services of Business tariff
Dynamics of sales
Compare companies
The popularity of points of sale